Dreams Didgeridoo by Salwa Samra (Tales of Australia : Great Southern Land)

A taste of writing from Tales of Australia : Great Southern Land

Dreams Didgeridoo by Salwa Samra

A dream I had one night, a dream lasting the entire depth of my sleep. I travelled to a country so vast, Red, gold, and brown landscaped. This land had much to offer… education, culture, and a lifestyle to envy, not many could scoffer.

Animals for the eye to enjoy, hopping kangaroos, hugging koalas, large birds that could not fly, they called them the Emu.

Animals of the river kind, platypuses, tortoises, lizards, crocodiles and snakes. Yabbies were my favourites dipped or steamed in garlic to bake.

…then there was this sound a trumpet call of sorts, profound a call from the Ancient of Days a vibration that echoed ablaze a stairway between heaven and earth The promise in place has given birth The bridge’s crossing found Reconciled the Maker to creation’s ground There he hovers; the spirit of the young in form There he beckons tell them, tell them, I’ve been reborn


“Have you found it yet?”

“No, Grandfather, I’m still searching”

“Boy, my dream told me it is in this vicinity, this is why my father moved myself and your father to this area,” my Grandfather explained.

“I know, Grandfather. I have lived with and heard the story all my life about Great Grandfather.”


“Sadie, Sadie, wake up already!” my sister hollered.

“What, what’s going on, what is wrong with you?” I responded sluggishly.

“Quaky, he’s done it again, and it’s up to us to clean it up, as always,” Lisa moaned.

“Great, just great!” I complained, dragging myself out of my cosy bed.


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