More new authors and titles for 2014

Latest happenings at Satalyte Publishing have been… Contracts day.  So, who was in the pile.  Let’s see Jason Franks, Andrew McKiernan, Megan Elizabeth just to mention a few. Here’s a list of our books that we know will be coming out early next year (2014):

  • Missing, Presumed Undead by Jeremy Davies
  • Nil by Mouth by LynC
  • The Only Evil by Bevan McGuiness
  • ‘Other Stories’ and other stories by Adam Browne 
  • Into the Storm’s Domain by Ged Maybury
  • Mark of the Shaolin by Steven Gilshenen

What a bumper start to 2014!

This just in… Later on we will have a few more, titles such as: Monster Feet by Angela Harris, The Wizards of Now by Mike Walsh, Abomination by S Policar and Dying Embers by Martin Cosby. A bit of every genre in that list. How exciting is this!

Keep your eyes peeled for a more comprehensive list of titles and dates to be released in 2014.

Let us know what you think?