Set You Face Towards the Darkness by David McDonald (Tales of Australia : Great Southern Land)

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Set You Face Towards the Darkness by David McDonald

Excerpts from the private journals of Mr. John McKinlay,

Leader of the Burke Relief Expedition:

15th of August, 1861

My Dearest Jane,

It has always seemed to me an act of the greatest conceit to keep journals of my travels. After all, it is hard for me to believe that years from now men will be seeking out my words!  Your father was one who sought to persuade me otherwise, noting there is still much of this great land that we remain unaware of, and that a record of my travels might serve to throw some small light on the dark patches of our maps. I remain unconvinced but, as in most things, if it might ease the labours of others then it is worth doing.

So, then it is perhaps an oddity that here I sit, starting a second set of journals that will run parallel to the official ones which will form the basis of my report. I fear the explanation may lead you to think me some sort of impulsive, romantic fool, like one of those young men who swan about quoting poetry from the Continent and drinking exotic liqueurs.  But the truth is that I miss you more deeply each day, and I write these words as a way of reaching out. The mind knows that you will not read these pages until after we meet again, but the heart does not care. I will leave it at that, as not to embarrass us both. Just know that, as I travel, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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