Tales of Australia: Great Southern Land Giveaway

We are running a Goodreads giveaway for Tales of Australia: Great Southern Land, which will be signed by editor Stephen C. Ormsby.

Journey into visions of the Great Southern Land by eight Australian authors.
The novelettes of this series will take you along arcane paths into fantastic Australias of the imagination.

Disciple of the Torrent by Lee Battersby
This Corner of the Earth by Dean Mayes
Acts of Chivalry by Sean McMullen
Bobby, Be Good  by H.M.C
Dreams Didgeridoo by Salwa Samra
After the Red Dust by Charmaine Clancy
Jaylin by A. Finlay
Set Your Face Towards the Darkness by David McDonald

 * Featuring Aurealis and Ditmar Award winning authors, along with some surprisingly fresh new writing.

Foreword by author of Savage Tide and Rotten Gods, Greg Barron.
“…These stories are compulsively readable…”

There are three paperback copies up for grabs, and we are shipping world-wide with this one. Be in it to win it.

A recent review described it as:

When you picture Australia, what do you see? What words come to mind when describing the Great Southern Land? As I tried to jot down a few, it occurred to me that it is hard to encapsulate this diverse land in its “beauty and terror” (to paraphrase from My Country by Dorothea McKellar) in just a few words. Tales of Australia: Great Southern Land is an anthology in which eight Australian authors share their visions of this country, but not in the way you’d expect. It’s a journey into the Australia of each author’s imagination or memory, with elements of fantasy and horror alternating with the ordinary. Reading some of the stories, you get the sense that secrets are being shared, that the arcane history and reality of Australia is being offered to you, the reader, as a privileged gift.

Read the full review here: http://writenotereviews.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/review-tales-of-australia-great-southern-land/

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Tales of Australia by Stephen C. Ormsby

Tales of Australia

by Stephen C. Ormsby

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