SupaNova, Here We Come!!

Satalyte Publishing will be at SupaNova Gold Coast and Melbourne with two of our SupaStar authors, Jeremy Davies and Ged Maybury, ready and willing to sign their novels for you will be at our Exhibitor Stall.



Let’s discuss Gold Coast first! Running from 4 – 6 April.

Ged Maybury, author of ‘Into The Storm’s Domain’, will have an official launch in the Gold Coast Boxing Ring!!  Ged is the undisputed King of Steampunk dressing, and you will not miss him at our booth during the weekend.

Now, to Melbourne! Running from 11 – 13 April.

Jeremy Davies, author of the fabulously funny comedy mystery novel ‘Missing, Presumed Undead’ will also have an official launch in the Melbourne Boxing Ring!!

Both Ged and Jeremy will be at both Gold Coast and Melbourne.  Come to our Exhibitor Stall, buy their books and get them signed.

Satalyte Publishing will also have these other titles for both weekends:

  • Mark of the Shaolin by Steven Gilshenen
  • ‘Other Stories’, and Other Stories by Adam Browne (we have a very limited amount signed for SupaNova by the author)
  • Tales of Australia: Great Southern Land (which can be signed by the editor Stephen C. Ormsby, and if you are very lucky grab H. M.C. and get her to sign her story ‘Bobby, Be Good’.)

Let us know what you think?