‘Dying Embers’ by M. R. Cosby Book Launch Day

Dying Embers book cover

Today is launch day for M. R. Cosby’s ‘Dying Embers’, a collection of horror short stories with a very strong Robert Aickman feel about it.

As James Everington described it in his introduction:

Within these stories you’ll find people drawn into strange situations that they, and we, only partly understand. In nearly all cases the characters themselves are not to blame for what occurs; they are merely unfortunates who have slipped through the gaps in a ‘real world’ that is more porous and uncertain than they imagined. The same goes for the lucky reader, and it is important in this regard that Cosby seems only marginally interested in the traditional trappings of the horror story: the monsters, the restless dead, the slimy deities from another world. The lack of such predictable tropes makes the experience of reading these stories the more unpredictable; previous horror stories you might have read are no guide here.

These stories are creepy in what they don’t say. There are monsters around every corner, but they never quite reveal themselves, leaving the horror to explore itself in your imagination. This is psychological horror at its best.  You will not read about blood and gore, but you feel the hairs on the back of your neck rise.

A great debut collection from M. R. Cosby, which is now available in ebook and paperback from Satalyte store, Amazon and all other good book retailers.

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