‘Stolen Dreams’ Book Launch and Excerpt

Do you want to know what secrets surround Ilze’s life?  The betrayal she will suffer, the love she will ultimately find?  Read about it in Stolen Dreams, the debut novel from Sanet Smit.

We are having a launch for the novel:

On:    Saturday May 10, 2014 10am – 1pm

At:      Logan North Library, cnr Sports Drive and Springwood Road, Underwood, Brisbane.

The novel is also available from Satalyte Publishing, in both paperback and ebook, as well as on Amazon and all other great book stores.

Here is an exclusive pre-release excerpt for your reading pleasure.

‘I don’t know what to do, Ben.’

‘About what?’

‘I went to his apartment to get him some clothes and…’

‘Why on earth would you do such a thing, angel?’

‘Because he’d asked me to! It’s just some clothes, someone had to get it.’

‘That was a bad idea. You don’t know the man. You hit him with your car.’

‘I know…’ she looks down at her hands.

‘And Chris found out about it?’

‘Well, yes.’

‘I don’t need to ask what his reaction was. Obviously not good.’ He rolls his eyes.

She doesn’t look at him. It’s like he has x-ray eyes that can scan right through to her heart, sensing that hint of truth at the same time.

‘Did you talk to Rose?’ Ben asks.

‘No. She’s on Chris’s side.’

‘Chris’s side?’ He rubs his hand over his beard. ‘I didn’t know there were sides. Which side should I be on? I always just thought you and the doctor were in a relationship.’

‘It’s a bit complicated.’

‘Sounds like it. Keep me posted. I’d love to know the outcome of this one.’ He rolls his eyes at her.

‘You have to help me, Benny.’ Her voice sounds nervous.

‘Me? What can I do?’ He rubs his back before getting comfortable again.

‘Tell me what to do.’

‘I can’t tell you what to do with your heart, Ilze. I would never try. Only you know how you feel, and only you know what to do about those feelings. If you love your doctor, stay away from this other man. If you like this other man, then do something about the doctor. Simple, cut and dried.’

‘Ramón.’ It comes out only a whisper.


‘His name is Ramón Andreas.’

He starts to get up from the floor. ‘Well, thanks for telling me that, but I really just needed to know how your heart feels.’

‘I don’t even know myself, Benny. I feel lost at the moment, and each way I turn seems to be a bad choice.’

He looks back into her eyes. He gives a deep sigh and sits again. ‘Okay. Let me ask you this.’ He rubs her shoulder. ‘Is there any chance that you’re confusing these feelings with guilt?’

‘That’s what I thought at first, but then I saw a photo of a woman in his apartment. I asked him about her and he didn’t want to talk about it. But something happened inside me when I saw her. I think I felt jealous. I know I felt jealous.’

‘Oh dear.’ Ben scratches his head. ‘You feel attracted to a man who’s probably married or has a girlfriend.’

‘I don’t think that.’

‘I think that. Her photo was in his apartment. That usually has significance.’ Ben shakes his head slowly, but tries not to admonish the young woman. We have all been there before. 

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