Double Header Book Signing at Notions Unlimited

We are having a Double Header book launch at Notions Unlimited, located in Chelsea. This wonderful event will happen on Saturday 9 August, 2014, at 4pm for:

  • Tayla Kershaw, and her new fantasy novel, ‘Alliance‘.

Alliance starts with the discovery of bones by Desmond and Annabelle, both nine years old. Desmond is blamed and their friendship is ruined and the outcome rips their village, Aldoria, apart.Alliance
Eight years pass and the second village, Algazaar, created by people who left Aldoria, is taken over by Blood Followers. Aldoria rebels and declares war upon the Blood Followers. In the heat of the battle, Leona, the first daughter of Aldoria is cursed by Blood Followers.  Annabelle sets out to remove the curse, and appease the guilt she has felt since the village split. Along with her sister and friends, she travel to Winrok, as the inhabitants are the only ones who can heal the first daughter.
The battle rages on, taking many casualties.
Annabelle discovers that the Blood Followers are really after her, setting the stakes in this dangerous journey to save the life of Leona and her own.

How do you help a man that doesn’t want to be helped?Nil By Mouth
A man used by Aliens as an incubation tank, who believes his only friends are Aliens, finds himself thrust back out into his natural environment.
He becomes an Outcast when he finds himself back amongst humans, unable to adjust to life without his Alien overseers.
Alone, Ale stands between two opposing forces – Aliens and Humans. His allegiances to both are stretched to breaking point.

How can this damaged Human protect his loved ones from an Alien force so powerful that they dominate our planet? How can one man make the difference?
Can a man, this broken, find love again? And where?

This is his story.

Both authors will be on hand to sign copies of these two fantastic books.

LOCATION: Shop 9, Chelsea Beach Arcade, 426 Nepean Hwy, Chelsea, VIC 3196

Let us know what you think?