12th day of Christmas – All Satalyte eBooks

This Christmas bundle will feature 20 great titles:

  • The Dagger of Dresnia: The Talismans Book One by Satima Flavell
  • Alliance: The Convergence Book One by Tayla Kershaw
  • Fake Profile by Khyiah Angel
  • Stolen Dreams by Sanet Smit
  • Mark of the Shaolin: Tigers of Wulin by Steven Gilshenen
  • Cloud Hands: Origins of Taijiquan by Steven Gilshenen
  • The Devil Wears Clogs by Jennifer Burge
  • Jubilee by Jack Dann
  • Nil by Mouth by LynC
  • Langue[dot]doc 1305 by Gillian Polack
  • ‘Other Stories’, and Other Stories by Adam Browne
  • Crystal Falls by Brad Walseth
  • Missing, Presumed Undead by Jeremy Davies
  • Into The Storm’s Domain: Across the Stonewind Sky Book One by Ged Maybury
  • Great Southern Land: Tales of Australia (3 times award nominated anthology of Australian authors) edited by Stephen C. Ormsby and Carol Bond
  • The Only Evil by Bevan McGuiness
  • Dying Embers by M. R. Cosby
  • The Ring of Curses: Merlin’s School for Ordinary Children Book One by Margaret Blake
  • Last Year, When We Were Young by Andrew McKiernan
  • Arid Lands, Part One by H.M.C.

Let us know what you think?