3rd day of Christmas – 30% off ‘Missing, Presumed Undead’

Missing Presumed UndeadOn the third day of Christmas, Satalyte Publishing gives to you…

Missing, Presumed Undead by Jeremy Davies at 30% until the end of the year.

“…Fun and whimsical and crazy, and totally entertaining…
I would love to read more adventures of Franklin Mynos
and his magical letter opener.”
– Leachim

“…the characters were so likeable I more than once
wished I lived in Hightown myself…
Clever, funny and downright magical.” – Marta Saleck

…the world of Casablantasy, where shining kingdoms are certainly not spread like blue mantles beneath the stars. Instead, the City: where corporate greed meets foul necromancy; the unrelenting advances of Maginology and the subtle menace of the Guilstapo exist beside squalid City breed cut throats and ogres with exaggerated axes.

Here, the legend of Franklin ‘Stubby’ Mynos begins: a be-spectacled minotaur with a mind for Kryptic Krosswords and a stomach for Hurghian coffee. There’s a killer on the loose, which is hardly news in a City crawlin’ with killers; but this killer—The Hightown Hacker—is killing the wrong kinds of people, in the wrong kinds of places. City commerce is suffering. Rich and powerful people are getting scared. The City Watch’s Magicrime Analysis Division (MAD) can’t buy a trick, and the Body Politik Registry wants to pay Frank a stack of Swine to do the deed.

It’s his first big case, the one that would put him on the map, but he’s not interested. He’s more into some dead body swiped from the Embalmers’ Guild. And the ever-burgeoning zombie workforce, how they’re recruited and have they got a Union?

Forget what you’ve heard. This is the truth … or, at least, the facts strung together in a meaningful way.

You want the truth? Go see a poet.

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