5th day of Christmas – Langue[dot]doc 1305 & Jubilee

On the fifth day of Christmas, Satalyte Publishing is giving to you…

Langue[dot]doc 1305 by Gillian Polack at 30% off until the end of the year.Langue [dot] doc1305

There are people involved.
That’s the first mistake.

Scientists were never meant to be part of history.
Anything in the past is better studied from the present.
It’s safer.

When a team of Australian scientists – and a lone historian –
travel back to St-Guilhem-le-Désert in 1305 they discover being impartial,
distant and objective just doesn’t work when you’re surrounded
by the smells, dust and heat of a foreign land.
They’re only human after all.

But by the time Artemisia is able to convince
others that it’s time to worry,
it’s already too late.

“Viscerally powerful, deeply felt, strongly written:  Langue[dot]doc 1305 challenges reader expectations of time travel, of ‘Grim-dark’ and of mediaeval life and brings a haunting, authentic voice both to the past and to the struggles facing the present.”
Kari Sperring, author of Living With Ghosts

“An entertaining and thought-provoking narrative of adventures and misadventures of modern scientists and a historian travelling to study the semi-independent region of Languedoc in southern France in the fourteen century.” ~ C. Max

AND Jubilee by Jack Dann, also at 30% until the end of the year:Jubilee

Jack Dann is a best-selling, award-winning storyteller of the highest order.  His work has been compared to Jorge Luis Borges, Roald Dahl, J. G. Ballard, and Philip K. Dick; and his short fiction is known for its originality, scope, and narrative powers. A Jack Dann collection such as Jubilee covers many genres, from magic realism to fantasy and science fiction. And each story will take you on a journey that will stay with you for a very long time.

Featuring 18 stories, ‘Jubilee’ gives an incredible insight into the man who has penned such modern classics as The Memory CathedralThe Rebel (to be released in its original form by Satalyte Publishing) and The Man Who Melted.

“He is an exacting craftsman and a fevered visionary; his prose sings, his people live and breathe and bleed.”
— George R.R. Martin

“Sometimes frightening, sometimes funny, erudite, inventive, beautifully written and always intriguing, Jubilee is a celebration of the talent of a remarkable storyteller.”
—The West Australian

A new collection of work by the incomparable master of the SF genre. Jubilee captures all that Jack Dann is and has given to the literary field in general… Get yourself a copy of Jubilee and enjoy the poetry of Dann’s work.”

“The best retrospective collections give us an author’s life with all its joys, losses and yearnings, its key themes and preoccupations. Taken together, the 17 stories in Jack Dann’s Jubilee deliver this in spades… Lyrical, potent, beautifully written, Jubilee showcases the life of one of our leading fantasists.”
–The Weekend Australian

“An honest writer cannot help but write about himself, and Dann is an overwhelmingly honest writer… Often haunted by an awareness of mortality, the stories in Jubilee are nonetheless leavened by hope, faith and an often devilish wit and can be seen as a new kind of kaddish, a prayer for the death of our fears and the resurrection of our hopes and dreams.”
—Locus, June 2001 (Listed in “New and Notable”)

This is literary sf of the best sort. Lay in extra copies to accommodate readers taking it slowly and luxuriously.”

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