6th day of Christmas – 30% off young adult novels

On the sixth day of Christmas, Satalyte Publishing is giving you three YA titles…

Alliance: The Convergence Book One by Tayla Kershaw at 30% until the end of the year: Alliance

Alliance is Book One of the incredible new series The Convergence, by emerging Gippsland author Tayla Kershaw. 

Alliance starts with the discovery of bones by Desmond and Annabelle, both nine years old. Desmond is blamed and their friendship is ruined and the outcome rips their village, Aldoria, apart.
Eight years pass and the second village, Algazaar, created by people who left Aldoria, is taken over by Blood Followers. Aldoria rebels and declares war upon the Blood Followers. In the heat of the battle, Leona, the first daughter of Aldoria is cursed by Blood Followers.
Annabelle sets out to remove the curse, and appease the guilt she has felt since the village split. Along with her sister and friends, she travel to Winrok, as the inhabitants are the only ones who can heal the first daughter.
The battle rages on, taking many casualties. Annabelle discovers that the Blood Followers are really after her, setting the stakes in this dangerous journey to save the life of Leona and her own.
AND The Ring of Curses: Merlin’s School for Ordinary Children Book One by Margaret R BlakeMerlinsROC

A reclusive old man had to die before something of major proportions happened in the small seaside town of Calder Cove. Over a long and extended period, a series of weird and rather extraordinary events occur, most of which are hidden from view behind a construction of tall screens. Then, with a very grand and bizarre opening ceremony, a strange and mysterious castle is revealed, a castle that seemed to have appeared out of the darkness and silence of nowhere. Was it magic? The townsfolk wondered.
Or was it something more sinister.

In time it is made known that the massive grey edifice is nothing beyond a school. But when the exclusively invited children finally step inside, the huge doors are locked securely behind them, creating a strict division between the world of their families and the castle. Everything that was once part of everyday life becomes a thing of the past and the new students are thrown – without warning – into the unknown. It is with great trepidation that they begin to question these changes and ask … is this place really a school? An answer to their dilemma begins show itself after an intriguing visit to an Aztec pyramid that results in the theft of a cursed ring, and the eventual disappearance of Neville Cormac, the school’s bully. The teachers’ blasé response to this matter prompts Bridget Lincoln and her motley crew of friends to investigate. But they get much more than they bargain for when they stumble upon magical rooms and hidden passageways, a golden door and … most horrifically … their own doom!  

Merlin’s School for Ordinary Children – The Ring of Curses is jam-packed with magic and adventure – a timely cross between Enid Blyton’s Famous Five with a hint of JK Rowling’s, Harry Potter series.
AND Fake Profile by Khyiah AngelFake Profile

They were best friends before she betrayed them. She didn’t mean to. She tried to take it back, but it was too late. It had already gone viral. Now she can’t make him understand.

It wasn’t her fault. They made her do it. But… No one was mean’t to get hurt.

Fake Profile is a novel about friendship, and the way in which social media defines and dictates the interpersonal communication of teenagers today.

A must read book for anyone who uses social media.

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