7th day of Christmas – Nil by Mouth & ‘Other Stories’ & Dagger of Dresnia

On the 7th day of Christmas Satalyte Publishing gives you 30% off Nil by Mouth by LynCNil By Mouth

How do you help a man that doesn’t want to be helped?
A man used by Aliens as an incubation tank, who believes his only friends are Aliens, finds himself thrust back out into his natural environment.
He becomes an Outcast when he finds himself back amongst humans, unable to adjust to life without his Alien overseers.
Alone, Ale stands between two opposing forces – Aliens and Humans. His allegiances to both are stretched to breaking point.

How can this damaged Human protect his loved ones from an Alien force so powerful that they dominate our planet? How can one man make the difference?
Can a man, this broken, find love again? And where?

This is his story.

“…Thoughtful, unexpected, human, compassionate, horrifying and deeply humane in turns…I loved it…”

I rarely read a book twice, but Nil by Mouth is so filled with complexities, mysteries and wonders — and is so much fun, by the way — I will read it again, and again to make absolute certain I didn’t miss a thing…”

AND ‘Other Stories’, and other stories by Adam BrowneOtherStoriesweb

“From the warped mind that brought the world Pyrotechnicon“

The Author takes this opportunity to apologise for any feelings of inadequacy that might arise in those who open this volume to encounter, glittering like living diamond laceworks, plangent with ideas and pungent with wordplay, the exquisitudinal stories herein contained, all touching on, or rather, pummeling  and stomping and cruelly toying with diverse fantastic notions, such as a man who quits drugs, then cigarettes, then everything else, an attempt by British colonials to terraform Hell (contrast with another story dealing with the late Carl Linnaeus’s attempts to classify the species of Paradise), a planet wrapped in fabric upon which pirates boom and roar in galleoned steam irons, a look at what it will mean to be disabled in the future … and so on — a book to be handled with care, for its close resemblance to a clutch of Faberge eggs, with Faberge chicks inside, waiting to be hatched forth by the Reader’s startled regard.
AND The Dagger of Dresnia: The Talismans Book One by Satima FlavellDagger of Dresnia

Queen Ellyria just wants her sick triplet sons to live, each ruling over a third of the kingdom as their dying father wished. When she finds herself trapped in a deadly bargain with a Dark Spirit, she recruits a band of young mages to help – but a terrible curse takes over.
The Dark Spirit befriends her enemies and seduces her friends, and Ellyria soon finds that famine, pestilence, betrayal and bereavement are all in its arsenal.
Can Ellyria unite the elvish and mortal sides of her family and in so doing, save the kingdom?

“Crisp, stylish prose, a nicely realised medieval world and an undercurrent of dark magic make The Dagger of Dresnia a good read for lovers of epic fantasy. It’s refreshing to see an older female character on centre stage!”
– Juliet Marillier Author of the Sevenwaters series

“A classic story for lovers of traditional fantasy. Readers who love the gradual unfolding of a story and the development of relationships as much as action scenes will enjoy this one.”
– Glenda Larke Author of The Mirage Makers trilogy

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