8th day of Christmas SALE – Dying Embers & The Only Evil & Crystal Falls

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Dying Embers by M. R. Dying Embers
“My mind had created a monster in the next terrace…”

Welcome to the world hidden behind the everyday. These stories of urban strangeness explore what goes on within the dying embers of the fire, once the heat has almost gone.

​An historic building holds the key to a terrible secret from Letherby’s youth. A passenger on an international flight finds out that he is not master of his own destiny – finding out who is, though, is quite another matter. Rural Australia proves less welcoming than Preston had hoped, forcing him to confront the guilt from his past. Pocock witnesses something calamitous on the river bank which changes the course of his life. The alien landscape of a network of warehouses provides the background to a remarkable transformation. An ill-fated property search leads first to admission, then to a strange form of retribution, and ultimately to a terrifying reunion.

A fascinating and eclectic collection of strange adventures…” – James Everington, author of Falling Over.

“These are powerful, energetically written tales that are some of the finest I’ve read in the genre of dark fiction. The language is wonderfully imaginative and instantly thrusts the reader into the realms of slowly revealed decay. A must-read!”  – Paul Hodge, Freaky Folk Tales

AND The Only Evil by Bevan McGuinessThe Only Evil
Bevan McGuiness, author of The Eleven Kingdoms and the Triumvirate fantasy series, hits us with his first coming-of-age thriller novel.

Socrates once said, “…not only is ignorance not bliss, but it could well be the only evil…”

This is a lesson that Moses Dylan will need to learn quickly if he wants to stay alive. Having graduated school a sheltered and slightly awkward boy, he discovers a world just outside his door totally alien to him.  Quickly, he realizes that girls grow into women and innocent schoolboy crushes can become dangerous.

When faced with such a danger, he flees into the Western Australian outback to find that he is running for his life, where his ignorance could cost him his life and where he comes face to face with not only the truth but also his own duplicity.

AND Crystal Falls by Brad WalsethCrystal Falls
“When it came right down to it, I was surprised to discover it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to kill Jesse Ray Hawkins.” So admits sensitive outcast Nate ‘Preacher’ LaPointe.

That the exuberant and charismatic Jesse Ray was a prominent local drug dealer is bad enough, but the fact that he was Preacher’s best friend and mentor makes the crime almost unfathomable. Careening down a rutted back road to hell, Preacher is pursued on all sides by Jesse’s sadistic brothers, a cadre of violent gangbangers, and a deputy sheriff named Junior, who may be the most dangerous foe of all.

The path leads to the uncovering of a century-old mystery. Both a crime novel with strong psychological focus, and a loose retelling of the story of King David, Crystal Falls presents a dangerous world where love and friendship are tested by the evils of violence and addiction.

Masterful storytelling and beautifully written. Hope there is a sequel.”

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