Interview with the Author : Kelly Modulon

About the Author : Kelly Modulon 
    1. Tell us about yourself
My husband says I think too much. He is right of course, but I think this makes for great ideas and good writing. 
           I have had careers in the entertainment industry, the hospitality industry and within the education system. I have been lucky enough to live in Singapore, Japan, England and France and am inspired by everything and everyone I see. I am a mother, a wife and a writer. I was born into an artistic family of actors and writers and my favorite quote comes via my father… The harder you work, the luckier you get. So true. I am stubborn, unafraid and very, very lucky.
     2. How do you feel about being part of Satalyte’s Women’s month?
Obviously honored and excited! Women are great readers and have such extensive emotional intellects so to be included in Satalyte’s Women’s month gives me a terrific sounding board to reach my potential readers.
    3. Do you feel there is any advantages or disadvantages to being a Female author, or is it totally irrelevant?
– I can only judge by my immediate peers but most women I know read a lot more than most men I know, so I feel that as a female writer, writing for women, I may have an advantage for reaching more readers. Of course this is speculation and as a keen reader, I read a 
lot of books written by both male and female authors. I suppose my correct answer to this is that my gender as a writer is most likely irrelevant. 
  4. If you could have written any book, other than your own, which would you choose?
To Kill a Mockingbird.
Clichéd but for good reason. What a brilliantly threaded together tale of growing up, racial imbalance and loss of innocence. I have re read this more times than I’ll confess to and each time I am more deeply touched and inspired than the last.
   5. Is there any way you would like to see the publishing industry in Australia grow or change in the future?
I suppose becoming more widely recognizable on the world stage is always desirable but I do feel that Australian authors are infiltrating well and at a steadily growing pace. More support for smaller publishing houses is a no brainer because that is where new talent is born and more authors, like myself are given the opportunity to join the army of Aussie authors taking their tales to the world! If variety be the spice of life then surely the more authors works’ there are to read, the better.
About your new book
  1. Tell us about your book
Being Norah is really about getting honest with yourself. It tells the tale of one woman who thinks she has herself all worked out until she reaches a crossroads where she is forced to evaluate all that she thought was right for herself. It tells of realizing some personal truths, standing strong about being allowed to paint your own path in your own time and ultimately allowing yourself to be who you want to be without the need to explain or compromise.
  2. What inspired you to write this book?
– To be honest, this story started writing itself before I truly knew what it’s purpose was. As it developed I realised I wanted to point out ultimately that everyone has a right to evolve at their own pace and that family and friends need to be both supportive and patient about that. I have always been rather strong willed and had a wonderful family that encouraged individuality completely, but I know many who have struggled to be okay with being who they are.
 3. Can you name your favourite character in your book?
– Norah, of course. I think she represents an element within so many women who are trying to define themselves. Everyone is on a journey of their own that consumes them for a lifetime and just like Norah we are all trying to find the balance between how we would like to be and how we think we should be; trying to experience as much as we can whilst protecting ourselves at the same time. 
4. Do you have any ambitions or goals for your next book?
– My next novel is actually for children and it’s an adventure story with a slightly supernatural edge. I brainstormed the storyline with my then 9 year old who is an avid reader and has a fantastical imagination. Of course I would love to see this book go wild, perhaps a movie and a sequel! Why not think big…you never know! 
  5. Do you have any advice for aspiring authors out there?
Write. Don’t hesitate. Write passionately and vent every idea freely but when it comes to making your book marketable take your critiques constructively. Find the balance that works for you between staying true to your story but making sure it’s coming across in a receivable way. 
Interviewed by Alyssa Wickramasinghe


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  1. Sally

    Thinking too much is indeed a good attribute for an author, though probably trying for those who live with us! It’s only in adulthood that I realised how lucky I was that my parents (musical and athletic) accepted with grace that I was neither and encouraged me to be what I obviously was… a writer.


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