Win a Gillian Polack Prize Pack!

With every order of ‘The Art of Effective Dreaming‘ by Gillian Polack, you will get placed in to FabulousFeastsa draLangue [dot] doc1305w for a signed copy of Gillian’s first novel with Satalyte Publishing, (Langue[dot] doc 1305), and a reference book from Gillian’s own collection, titled, ‘Fabulous Feasts: Mediveal Cookery and Ceremony’.

This competition will be open until 18 March, to coincide with the Woden Library event. If you would like to attend this event, book through this link.

So order your copy today simply by clicking here: ‘The Art of Effective Dreaming’

This is not a self-help book, but it’s a book about dreams.
They are not always good dreams.

Fay is a dreamer.
To escape real life, which she finds ‘drearily, drably and impossibly dull‘,
Fay creates a dream-world.

She escapes there as often as possible.
But what happens when the line between dream and real life blurs?
Dead morris dancers. Horror and happiness. Folksongs and friendship.
Can she trust anything, or anybody?

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