Out and About with Satalyte Publishing

Stephen, Marieke and Lyss of Satalyte Publishing are hitting the road again in June, to be at two big conventions. First off will be:

Continuum 11: Southern Skies

Look out for Gillian Polack sitting on a number of panels, as well as the launch of ‘The Art of Effective Dreaming’. There may or may not be morris dancers hunting her down! Check out her schedule here: http://schedulec11.continuum.org.au/#part/26

Satima Flavell, author of ‘The Dagger of Dresnia’, will be making an appearance on a couple of workshops. Check out her schedule here: http://schedulec11.continuum.org.au/#part/72

Dirk Strasser, author of ‘Stories of the Sand’, will also be on a couple of panels: http://schedulec11.continuum.org.au/#part/18

Jason Franks, author of the upcoming ‘Shadowmancy’, will also be on panels: http://schedulec11.continuum.org.au/#part/35

Lauren E. Mitchell, author of the upcoming ‘The Fear Collectors’ is on panels: http://schedulec11.continuum.org.au/#part/46

LynC, author of the Aurealis shortlisted novel ‘Nil by Mouth’, is on a panel: http://schedulec11.continuum.org.au/#part/55

If that isn’t enough, our three kids will be around as well. Don’t forget our special offer – Buy a hug from Elizabeth for $20, and get a free Satalyte paperback!

And then Supanova Sydney.

We will be launching ‘The Rebel: Second Chance’ by Jack Dann at Supanova Sydney with special Guest of Honour Kevin J. Anderson. This will happen on Saturday at 1pm in the Boxing Ring.

We will also have Jack signing on the Saturday only. Find him at the Satalyte Publishing.

We will also exclusive Australian editions of Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta novels. These will be available for only $20, or through pre-order.

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