Kaaron Warren unleashes Gillian Polack’s ghosts on Canberra!

As part of Conflux 11, Kaaron Warren will be launching Gillian Polack’s new novel, The Time of the GhostsSunday October 4th, 12:00pm at Novotel Canberra.

“A moving tale of loss, memory, and survival
— and a great ghost story.”
~ KJ Bishop, award-winning author of The Etched City

Someone has to write this down.
Someone who has seen it all.
Seen the ghosts.
Eaten the food.
Even washed the dishes.


Ghosts trail after us. They are our fears and the shape of our hates. We bring them into our lives and into our homes.
A fairy – variety melusine – tells of her private ghosts in unreliable fairy stories. She handles her own haunting.

Some years our fears and hates are so strong that we turn our ghosts tangible. Instead of trailing after us forlornly, whispering “Believe in us, or you are damned,” they fracture our landscape. Poltergeists and the spirits of drowned girls; malicious presences and portents; cat vampires and roaming bushrangers.

These ghosts haunt Canberra. These ghosts can kill.
It takes four women, one cup of tea at a time, to deal with Canberra’s haunting.

(Novotel Canberra is located at 65 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra.)

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