Marianne de Pierres Blog Tour for Mythmaker

Peacemaker 2-Mythmaker-72dpiWe were able to catch Marianne de Pierres for a little while to answer some questions about her writing style. I’m a fan of Marianne’s work, ever since the Parrish Plessis days, and have been lucky enough to meet this fascinating and fabulous writer.

Her new novel, Mythmaker, Book Two of the Peacemaker series, is no exception. A fast paced, well written story that will hook you in on the first page, and will keep you going, until you realise you’ve run out of pages.

Then you will start screaming at Marianne to write the next one!


Why do you write?

Like most career writers, I imagine, it’s an impulse that is born from a love for reading, and is nearly impossible to withstand. It’s like brushing your teeth or having a shower; it’s ingrained in your routine and necessary to your sense of well-being. At another level, I guess it’s another form of connection and communication with the world. It certainly gives me a sense of belonging and meaning.

What makes you a writer?

Writers write. It’s that simple. If you write consistently. Daily, weekly, monthly then you’re a writer. Publishing has nothing to do with it.

It’s been 20 years, and you still do this; what drives you? 

I probably answered that above J But I’ve found that even in my darkest moments as a writer, that the compulsion never goes away. Sometimes though it finds new ways to exhibit itself. For instance, lately I’ve been writing song lyrics. Why? Who knows, but I just had to get them down.

Do you suffer from voices in the head? Or is it dedication to create that next story? That next something different? 

Not really. I have pictures in my head and feelings in my stomach and chest. Those are the places I write from. I’m sure every writer is different though.

In terms of where each story comes from… well it’s never the same formula. Sometimes pictures, sometimes things I’ve read, sometimes sounds, or smells, or ideas colliding.

When I’m deep in a book, I’m more likely to hear the characters talking to each other. The weirdest thing for me is always when a new, unexpected character pops up. In my new PEACEMAKER series it was the young doctor, Rav and Esther, Virgin’s neighbour. They just strolled on into the story unannounced. Esther is a hoot, and Rav was a good guy. I guess they really wanted their own lives.

What fascinates you about the process of putting words on paper?

I’m fascinated with how the brain allows you to excavate a story and bring it to a conclusion. The thought processes involved are a combination of conscious and unconscious thought. How those two work together to create a coherent narrative is astounding really. I guess human beings truly are wired for storytelling, either as narrator or audience. The rest is down to practice.


GR author pic_webMarianne de Pierres is the author of the popular PARRISH PLESSIS trilogy and the award-winning SENTIENTS OF ORION and PEACEMAKER series.

The PARRISH PLESSIS series has been translated into many languages and adapted into a role-playing game. Marianne has also authored children’s and young adult stories, notably the Night Creatures trilogy a dark fantasy series for teens. She is an active supporter of genre fiction and has mentored many writers.

Marianne also writes award-winning crime under the pseudonym Marianne Delacourt.

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