Satalyte’s scary reads – 25% OFF for Halloween!

We bring you our haunting selection of novels to get you in the mood for an evening in this Halloween. Short stories perfectly evil enough to spoil yourself with or read aloud to scare your friends!

Last Year When We Were Young by Andrew J. McKiernan

“…his characters are crystal clear and throbbing with life.”
– Felicity Dowker, Specusphere 
The debut collection from this multi-award nominated author,  often defys conventions of genre and style, with stories ranging from dark fantasy, through science fiction and horror. Always with an edge sharper than a razor and darker than a night on Neptune.From the darkly hilarious All the Clowns in Clowntown to the disturbing story A Prayer for Lazarus, this collection pulls no punches. Delving deep into what scares us most, McKiernan’s tales are by turns heartfelt and gut-wrenching.  Not to be missed!

Dying Embers by M. R. Cosby

“A fascinating and eclectic collection of strange adventures…” ~ James Everington, author of Falling Over.

“These are powerful, energetically written tales that are some of the finest I’ve read in the genre of dark fiction. The language is wonderfully imaginative and instantly thrusts the reader into the realms of slowly revealed decay. A must-read!” ~ Paul Hodge, Freaky Folk Tales

“My mind had created a monster in the next terrace…”
Welcome to the world hidden behind the everyday. These stories of urban strangeness explore what goes on within the dying embers of the fire, once the heat has almost gone.

An historic building holds the key to a terrible secret from Letherby’s youth. A passenger on an international flight finds out that he is not master of his own destiny – finding out who is, though, is quite another matter. Rural Australia proves less welcoming than Preston had hoped, forcing him to confront the guilt from his past. Pocock witnesses something calamitous on the river bank which changes the course of his life. The alien landscape of a network of warehouses provides the background to a remarkable transformation. An ill-fated property search leads first to admission, then to a strange form of retribution, and ultimately to a terrifying reunion.

Mayhem : selected stories by Deborah Sheldon

“[This is] short fiction told masterfully. Sheldon’s stories have that rare ability to speak volumes between each word. There are pieces of life’s puzzles the reader must complete, wonderfully unsettling strips of humanity that linger in the mind long after closing the book.” – Craig Bezant, Dark Prints Press

“Deborah Sheldon explores the rich vein of violence that runs through Australian society… The merely disconcerting and the deadly are juxtaposed and those who don’t know the difference, pay the price.” – Antonia Hildebrand, Polestar Writers’ Journal

“Sheldon specialises in the little moments that reveal the chaos and terror beneath.” – Elizabeth Rutherford-Johnson, The Short Review (UK)

Dark: gritty: fierce.
A farmer is confronted by two desperadoes;
a tourist does her terrible best to evade a tracker and his dog; a teenager discards his civilised mask inside a lonely roadhouse.

This collection of 28 short stories propels the reader through a kaleidoscope of Australian lowlife. In a range of styles, from dirty realism to noir, Deborah Sheldon pens the kind of fiction that is tough enough to shock, yet tender enough to hurt.

An exploration of what it means to be human in the face of brutality, Mayhem: selected stories, is perfect reading for pulp novices and crime aficionados alike.


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