Special coffee and enchanted Canberra

With limited books available, they were all sold out in minutes. There was a lovely atmosphere felt in Harry Hartogs bookstore last night, having a musician to launch the book was lovely.

Simone Penkethman sang a song related to the book and gave a really interesting intro. with author Gillian Polack’s reading being, “just the most attentive audience I’ve ever had“. Not a single movement throughout the store!

Gillian brought along a specially brewed coffee, that is in her novel and the crowd really enjoyed it. They actually came and asked about it. One person announced to the author that she had found “one of her authors” … she’ll now read everything Polack writes.
We are receiving good reactions to The Time of the Ghosts. The crowd loved the thought of elderly women saving the day. There’s interest in this being a book set in Canberra – an enchanted place. The reaction felt at the launch was that the people ‘own’ this book almost instantly.
Find out more about the book here.
“A moving tale of loss, memory, and survival — and a great ghost story.”
~ KJ Bishop, award-winning author of The Etched City

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