Happy Birthday, Tayla Kershaw = free ebook

Wish Tayla a happy birthday today and preorder a copy of her second book in The Convergence series, Fragmented. Get a free ebook of Alliance (book one).

Alliance by Tayla Kershaw left me wanting more. I was pulled into the unique world of Tayla’s imagination with great characters and beautiful story.  Tayla’s first novel was full of surprises and action, it was hard to put this book down. I am in love with this book and am looking forward to it’s sequel so I can connect with her characters once again.”  ~  Chloe Butler

Fragmented is the second book of the young adult fantasy series The Convergence, by emerging Gippsland author, Tayla Kershaw. Due to be released in the near future, keep your eyes peeled for more news about it in 2016.


Peace was restored in the villages of Aldoria and Algazaar, but a deadlier threat still looms. While Annabelle struggles to pick up the broken pieces of her life after the war and cope with the death of a friend, Blood Follower Goddesses Ruby and Johanna Rose are still at large.

When an important message is delivered from Winrok suggesting the Goddesses will return to eradicate them all, Annabelle, Desmond and Adeline must team up with a new gang of unlikely heroes to save the villagers.

However, when the final fight is played out, Annabelle must make a heartbreaking decision and discover what lengths she will go to in order to save her family.

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