Book Spotlight – Tallwood – Amanda Kool

Today’s book spotlight is on Amanda Kool’s novel ‘Tallwood’


It took just two weeks for the world to end.
Those who survived fled underground to build a new life,
while otherworldly clean up crews prowled the surface, looking for stragglers.
Over generations, mankind adapted.
She kept quiet, kept her animals quiet. She abandoned sound, made talk with her hands.
She changed her weapons, her way of killing. She stayed underground like the rabbit, acting like the prey.
Noise brought death.
The city of Recondite is struggling with a population already too large to sustain.
Its Custodian must find a new home for half the denizens.
But inside the city itself, people are disappearing.
The thing mankind fears most is on the surface.
But to survive the threat inside, the city has to do what it has been taught not to for generations.
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“A sprawling post-apocalyptic tale that sucks your mind like the monstrous “Johns” that stalk its pages. A powerful and assured voice. ”— Rjurik Davidson, author of the Unwrapped Sky.

This book has such an interesting concept behind it that it just grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let you go. Dark, gritty, yet hopeful. Amanda Kool has hit the mark with Tallwood.  Don’t believe me, ask the dishes reviewers…. cough..

By A Customer on July 14, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

I thought I might have to be creative to think of something nice to say about this book (I am a friend of the author’s mother) but it completely exceeded my expectations. Too many of the dystopian novels these days are coming-of-age stories and this one is completely different. Tallwood introduced me to a world of harsh realities and tough decisions, and real grown-ups doing the best they can within it. The prose is sparse, minimal like the landscape. It starts quiet and measured (it is worth your while to push through the first few chapters if they feel a little alien) and builds into a very compelling read. Humanity that must be quiet and hidden and unobtrusive to survive is an interesting idea, and the characters that populate the story feel very real within that context. Jared is a fascinating man/monster that does not feel at home anywhere, whose story is painted with sympathy and pathos. I just wanted to be his friend. I judge a book sometimes by whether I would read the sequel, and I am hoping very much that Amanda Kool writes one. There is more to learn from this world and the people who populate it.

Format: Kindle Edition

A friend recommended this book to me and I’m so glad they did. It takes place 167 years in the future, in a world after the Last Judgement has descended and tried to cleanse the world of mankind. The few survivors live in pockets of civilization underground and rely on traders to carry news and goods between cities. I was really impressed by the level of detail in the world the author has created – for example, the Johns (avenging angels) can hear people using holy words, so the survivors can no longer use the number three. The characters are well-written and the storyline kept me in suspense until the last chapter. Highly recommended.

Format: Paperback

A thoroughly engrossing imaginative work of a world 167 years after our own told through an amazing group of interesting characters and situations. Each chapter manages cleverly to make the unreal sound real to me, and I looked forward to seeing what happened next and there was nearly always a surprise . Congratulations on your first published novel!

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Want to know more about Amanda?

Amanda Kool lives in the outer foothills of the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, a glorious part of the world surrounded by valleys, forests, walking paths and, most importantly, wineries. The seclusion and tranquillity make it a perfect place to hole up and write, especially in the winter months when the frost sets in. Amanda has been writing stories since she was eight years old, starting on her mother’s old typewriterWhile her day job as a Technical Writer keeps both her menagerie (two dogs, one cat, and eight chickens) and her mortgage fed, she spends her downtime writing crime, weird, and post-apocalypse fiction.

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