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Satalyte author Paul Rasche, just celebrated the release of his first book ‘Smudgy In Monsterlandat Melbourne’s Embiggen Books. I managed to get a hold of Paul to ask him how his launch went and a few other questions.

Smudgy CoverIt is the thousandth year of the Third Reich, and the Solar System is under the control of mysteriously absent Fuhrer Heinrich Himmler. Odo is a 12 year old boy. After his parents are killed in a terrorist attack, he is sent to live at an orphanage that happens to be next to a vast amusement park in orbit around Neptune.

Here, he is beaten and humiliated by the other orphans, until his fear of death leads him into a demon’s trap, and he finds himself tricked into an eternity of previously-unimaginable torment. With nothing but his wits and deepening insanity to guide him, Odo wages a bizarre, intense, and bloody war against his tormentors, culminating in a meeting with Satan himself.

Congratulations on your book launch! How do you feel now your baby is out in the wild?

Thanks! The best thing about the book being done and out there is that I can now retreat back into my head, be the introverted weirdo I was meant to be, and start thinking about a crazy new story. There’s a great feeling of freedom when you’re working on something new and unfinished, as opposed to having to devote time and effort into something that was finished ages ago. I am super-proud of Smudgy though, it’s got some stuff in it that is such a pure distillation of my individuality, I feel a bit exposed when someone else reads it.

What is your book about?

It’s about a boy called Odo who lives on a vast amusement park that orbits Neptune in the year 2943. When his parents are killed, he is sent to live at an orphanage. Then the supernatural elements start to kick in and things get pretty weird.

What genre is your book?

It’s an alternative-future black fairytale fantasy/horror mess.

And what draws you to this genre

I just write what I think is cool or amusing or interesting to me, and people can figure out what genre it is later if they like. I don’t know what draws me to it. Perhaps all the weird books my Dad had around when we were kids, or seeing Aliens at such a young age (11), or… who can say? It just happened.

What where some of the thoughts running through your head as you were launching your book?

I was nervous. There were people from all different circles of my life there. It was pretty weird. I haven’t really been the centre of attention much in my life (by design). There was red wine. I was OK. It was all over very quickly.

Who hosted the Launch?

It was hosted by one of my closest and oldest friends, Melbourne comedian Lisa-Skye.

Tell us more about what you are doing next?

I’m doing some cartooning at the moment, but that’s for a secret project so I can’t go into it. I’m also working on a new book that isn’t a sequel to Smudgy, it’s a standalone concept that is hugely ambitious in terms of projected word count. About 10,000 words in so far.

How can readers discover more about you and you work?

I don’t have a strong online presence – I would say they should read Smudgy, then they’ll get pretty messed up introduction as to how my mind works.

Now a couple of random questions because I can 😀

Does your computer have a name?

No, it doesn’t, but my hard drive that contains all my music, movies , TV shows as well as my artwork and writing archives is called GOODNESS.

Which writers inspire you?

I don’t get inspired by writers. I mean, there are writers I love, but I don’t read their stuff and then get filled with inspiration. My inspiration comes more from weird pictures and schlocky movies, or just my own imagination, where I’ll think something like “Wow, wouldn’t it be weird/great if x happened?” And then the idea grows from that central concept, and then I get inspired to write.

Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors.

I don’t “read” much at all, I actually listen to audiobooks mainly. Helps me deal with traffic. First and foremost amongst my favourites is Iain M Banks’ Culture series of novels. Mind-blowing stuff, I love it how it’s technically sci-fi but doesn’t bother with explanations of how all this insane tech actually works, and there’s dozens of ideas crammed into every page. Lewis Caroll as well, because his stories, particularly the Alice books, are just a crazy bunch of stuff that happens, and then it’s the end and there’s no moral to the story. It’s just a story.

Thank you for your time!

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