Nil By Mouth

Nil by Mouth by LynC


Nil by Mouth
by LynC

Category: Fiction / Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-9924601-3-6
Publisher: Satalyte Publishing
Publication Date: 31st March 2014


Product Description

Shortlisted for the Norma K. Hemming and Aurealis Awards in 2015.

How do you help a man that doesn’t want to be helped?
A man used by Aliens as an incubation tank, who believes his only friends are Aliens, finds himself thrust back out into his natural environment.
He becomes an Outcast when he finds himself back amongst humans, unable to adjust to life without his Alien overseers.
Alone, Ale stands between two opposing forces – Aliens and Humans. His allegiances to both are stretched to breaking point.

How can this damaged Human protect his loved ones from an Alien force so powerful that they dominate our planet? How can one man make the difference?
Can a man, this broken, find love again? And where?

This is his story.

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ePub, mobi, Paperback


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