Dagger of Dresnia

The Dagger of Dresnia: The Talismans Book One by Satima Flavell


The Dagger of Dresnia:
The Talismans Book One
by Satima Flavell

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
ISBN: 978-0-9924601-7-4
Publisher: Satalyte Publishing
Publication Date: April 2014



Product Description

Queen Ellyria just wants her sick triplet sons to live, each ruling over a third of the kingdom as their dying father wished. When she finds herself trapped in a deadly bargain with a Dark Spirit, she recruits a band of young mages to help – but a terrible curse takes over.
The Dark Spirit befriends her enemies and seduces her friends, and Ellyria soon finds that famine, pestilence, betrayal and bereavement are all in its arsenal.
Can Ellyria unite the elvish and mortal sides of her family and in so doing, save the kingdom?

“Crisp, stylish prose, a nicely realised medieval world and an undercurrent of dark magic make The Dagger of Dresnia a good read for lovers of epic fantasy. It’s refreshing to see an older female character on centre stage!”
– Juliet Marillier Author of the Sevenwaters series

“A classic story for lovers of traditional fantasy. Readers who love the gradual unfolding of a story and the development of relationships as much as action scenes will enjoy this one.”
– Glenda Larke Author of The Mirage Makers trilogy


Book two of The Talismans series will be published 2016.

More editorial reviews…

“The Dagger of Dresnia is a traditional fantasy on an epic scale, inviting the reader into a maelstrom of adventure and intrigue, reminiscent of works by Guy Gavriel Kay and Marion Zimmer Bradley.” – The West Australian, 2014/05/27

“With the imagined world coming to life through well thought-out characterisation that breaks supposed medieval gender roles, even those unfamiliar with the fantasy genre will find this worth reading.” – Scoop Magazine, Winter 2014

“The Dagger of Dresnia is a wonderful introduction into The Talismans trilogy …  I look forward to the sequels.” – Jo Wake at henderson-jo.blogspot.com.au/2014/05/aussie-daggers.html)

“What’s refreshing is the number of strong, yet vulnerable and above all real female characters taking central roles in this story. They are not just there as fillers in between the bits starring the men; they are honestly and realistically portrayed.” – Damien Smith in sqmag.com/2014/04/30

“Flavell’s skill at mixing these strands of plot and character make this a gripping read and the way which the stories intertwine is clever and natural, leading to a climax that is gripping and a conclusion that, while sudden, does wrap up this story while still leaving openings for the future volumes in this series.” – Ian Banks at goodreads.com/review/show/919898360

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