Jaylin by A. Finlay (Tales of Australia : Great Southern Land)

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Jaylin by A. Finlay

Exhaustion. Not an unfamiliar emotion to me, though this felt different. A hollow burning sensation in my chest plagued me. The constant aching ensured this part of my body remained at the forefront of my mind. I moved through the days as if dragged by my chest, the rest of my body trailed behind me, my energy draining with each bout of effort I forced.

I felt utterly trapped. Caged by my own circumstances with no escape in sight.

I sat in my car attempting to talk myself into going to work. The crisp morning air mocked me with the threat of a beautiful day that was out of my reach. I glared at the peach coloured office building that both provided and held ransom my hope for a beautiful life. I worked to pay the bills; it seemed I paid the bills so that I could work. What a stable version of insanity I was living each day.

The Queensland sun glistened on the windows of parked cars, blinding my tired eyes as I scuffed towards the front of the building.

I entered the building and immediately sneaked into the ground floor bathroom, praying no one I knew saw me before I freshened up. Cool water trickled down my face as I felt around for the paper towel. I felt slightly alive again. I studied myself in the reflection.

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