Press Release for Mark of the Shaolin by Steven Gilshenen

Satalyte Publishing is proud and honoured to be releasing Mark of the Shaolin, a novel by Steven Gilshenen, and the first in the Tigers of Wulin series. Review Advanced Reading Copies are now available by sending an email to Satalyte.
Satalyte Publishing is a new publishing house based in Australia and looking to bring Australian authors to the fore in the global market.  To do this, we have found what we believe are some of the newest and best authors Australia can offer.  One of our first releases for 2014 will be Mark of the Shaolin.
Mark of the Shaolin is available for pre-order exclusively from the Satalyte Publishing bookstore, but will be available in wide release early in 2014.
Book Description:
Even the great and all-seeing Buddha himself must wonder if
a simple man, born of a warring family, could escape a fate 1,000 years in creation?
Young Zhen Di, the Shaolin Warrior Monk in training,
will test that which the Buddha and fate lay on his Path.

For fans of Kung Fu action (the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon series and Kung Fu stories of old), The Mark Of The Shaolin, Book 1 in the Tigers of Wulin Trilogy, tells of a young man on his path in the Shaolin Temple to become a legendary Shaolin Warrior Monk. Should Shi Zhen Di survive the ardous training and the final test, the Hall of Wooden Men, where others have failed and paid with their lives, he must chose between the Way of the Shaolin or seek to avenge his family and all they have lost at the hands of a dreaded bandit organization led by his very own elder brother and Master of the Huquan Tiger Fist method, Chen Dao.

Joining Zhen Di on his path of self-discovery is Iron Wu, the Wandering Taoist and master of the Wudang Martial Arts, and Yijun, a young female assassin, as they venture into the Snake’s Den for a final confrontation that will change them all forever.

Martial Artists the world over crave to access the legends and myths surrounding the treasured combat methods of ancient China. Here, within this book, are the legends of Bodhidharma, the originator of Shaolin Kung Fu, Zhang Sanfeng and his inspirational guidnace by the great Xuanwu in creating Taijiquan, and many other stories generations of Martial Artists have been enthralled by told alongside deadly battles, each of various Kung Fu systems explained in fine detail, appealing to dedicated Martial Artists and action fans alike.

BIO: Born in Western Sydney (1976) Steven began learning Martial Arts at age 6 and spent the next 12 years in and out of various systems until, at age 18, Steven became serious and dedicated his life to the study of He-Style Taijiquan. Relocating to Japan 10 years ago, Steven began teaching Taijiquan and Kids Kung Fu, along side English teaching. Two and a half years ago, following the life-changing earthquake and nuclear meltdown, Steven opened his own English school and Taijiquan school (Steven also teaches Taijiquan at a university).

During this time Steven searched and was unable to find satisfying “Kung Fu fiction” and decided to write his own, and share the lessons learned over the 20 years since he dedicated his life to this treasure. Currently, by request of the current Head of He Family Taijiquan in China, Steven is also writing the first English book on this style of Tai Chi covering all aspects (History, Theory, Form and Applications).

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