Press Release for The Only Evil by Bevan McGuiness

From the fantasy author of The Eleven Kingdoms trilogy and the Triumvirate trilogy, Bevan McGuiness, comes his highly anticipated thriller novel, The Only Evil.

After great success in the fantasy genre, Bevan McGuiness explodes into a new genre with a fascinating tale of a coming-of-age story mixed with a road trip novel set in Western Australia, where the only true evil is ignorance.

Satalyte Publishing is pleased to be releasing this masterful novel. Review Advanced Reading Copies are now available by sending an email to Satalyte Publishing.

The Only Evil is available for pre-order exclusively from the Satalyte Publishing bookstore, but will be available in wide release early in 2014.

Book Description: 

Socrates once said,

“…not only is ignorance not bliss,

but it could well be the only evil…”

This is a lesson that Moses Dylan will need to learn quickly if he wants to stay alive. 
Having graduated school a sheltered and slightly awkward boy, he discovers a world just outside his door
totally alien to him.  Quickly, he realizes that girls grow into women and innocent schoolboy crushes
can become dangerous.

When faced with such a danger, he flees into the Western Australian outback to find that he is running
for his life, where his ignorance could cost him his life and where he comes face to face with not only
the truth but also his own duplicity.


Bevan McGuiness has had a number of short stories and essays published, together with articles on education research. He has had six books published – a mainstream novel and two fantasy trilogies.

He has worked as a geophysicist, factory hand, laboratory assistant and high school chemistry teacher. In 2009 he completed his Doctoral studies in Education. He is a native of Western Australia where he lives with his family and the world’s least intelligent Cocker Spaniel.

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