4th day of Christmas – 30% off ‘Last Year, When We Were Young’

On the fourth day of Christmas, Satalyte Publishing gives to you…Last Year

Last Year, When We Were Young by Andrew McKiernan at 30% until the end of the year.
We also have an added bonus from the author, for all print copies sold Andrew will send the first few orders a copy of Shards, of which Andrew illustrated each story – 40 in total.

Last Year, When We Were Young… The debut collection from multi-award nominated author Andrew J McKiernan brings together 14 of his published short stories and novelettes, plus two new tales.

Often defying conventions of genre and style, these stories range from fantasy and steampunk to science fiction and horror, but always with an edge sharper than a razor and darker than a night on Neptune.

From the darkly hilarious “All the Clowns in Clowntown” to the disturbing story “A Prayer for Lazarus”, the collection pulls no punches. Delving deep into what scares us most, McKiernan’s tales are by turns heartfelt and gut-wrenching.

Last Year, When We Were Young is a collection of horror and dark fantasy from one of Australia’s best up-and-coming authors that should not be missed.

“…his characters are crystal clear and throbbing with life.”
Felicity Dowker, Specusphere 

“McKiernan is a magician. He performs magic tricks in every story, spinning us around, making us believe one thing before showing us we were wrong all along. His stories are pure magic, staying with you like an echo long after reading.” – Kaaron Warren, author of ‘Slights’ and ‘Walking the Tree’

“…proof yet again of the incredible writing talent that can be found in Australia and further still, proof that horror can have a meaningful voice that goes well beyond blood and gore…” Greg Champman

“…I ate the stories in this book like pieces of imported Belgian chocolate… I closed my eyes and randomly picked one tale at a time, savoring each one… You’ll want to keep this book in your library to re-read a number of times.” 



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