Damien Broderick to be published by Satalyte

Damien Broderick is a prize-winning luminary in the field of Australian science fiction and science writing. Writer, editor and critic, he has a PhD in the semiotics of fiction, science and sf, and is well known for his short stories, novels and critical studies.
His most widely influential study of sf may be Reading by Starlight: Postmodern Science Fiction (1995), where he introduced the term “sf megatext”, taken over from fantasy criticism, to designate the global index or encyclopedia of story forms, terms, associations, turns of phrase, references, tropes and memes that mark almost every sf story.
Satalyte Publishing is proud to announce Starlight Interviews, a collection of interviews done by the great and the good with Damien over recent decades.
This is the first time in 13 years, since he moved to the USA, that Damien has been published through an Australian press.

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