Great New Releases at 0.99c, and Colouring In!

We have two great new releases this week. The first of these releases is:

Tallwood by Amanda Kool

Tallwood releases

Amanda Kool’s ‘Tallwood’ on sale

Amanda Kool’s novel is a tour-de-force. At 576 pages, this is a massive read, but incredibly fulfilling.

Here’s the blurb:

It took just two weeks for the world to end.

Those who survived fled underground to build a new life,
while otherworldly clean up crews prowled the surface, looking for stragglers.

Over generations, mankind adapted.
She kept quiet, kept her animals quiet. She abandoned sound, made talk with her hands.
She changed her weapons, her way of killing. She stayed underground like the rabbit, acting like the prey.
Noise brought death.

The city of Recondite is struggling with a population already too large to sustain.
Its Custodian must find a new home for half the denizens.
But inside the city itself, people are disappearing.

The thing mankind fears most is on the surface.
But to survive the threat inside, the city has to do what it has been taught not to for generations.

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And an early review:

“A sprawling post-apocalyptic tale that sucks your mind like the monstrous ‘Johns’ that stalk its pages. A powerful and assured voice.” Rjurik Davidson, author of Unwrapped Sky

 Smudgy In Monsterland by Paul Rasche

Smudgy releases

Paul Rasche’s ‘Smudgy In Monsterland’ on sale

The second of the releases is one of the craziest novels I have read. It is black, and very funny, and one hell of a ride.

It is the thousandth year of the Third Reich, and the Solar System is under the control of mysteriously absent Fuhrer Heinrich Himmler. Odo is a 12 year old boy. After his parents are killed in a terrorist attack, he is sent to live at an orphanage that happens to be next to a vast amusement park in orbit around Neptune.

Here, he is beaten and humiliated by the other orphans, until his fear of death leads him into a demon’s trap, and he finds himself tricked into an eternity of previously-unimaginable torment. With nothing but his wits and deepening insanity to guide him, Odo wages a bizarre, intense, and bloody war against his tormentors, culminating in a meeting with Satan himself.

Here’s an early review:

Rasche has a wicked imagination. Smudgy in Monsterland’s action doesn’t stop and neither does the invention. Read if you dare!

Nasty, nasty, nasty.

If you want a non-stop ride into Hell, full of trickery and more than a little schadenfreude, is is for you. Not letting my kids read it!

~ Paul Voermans, author of Weird Colonial Boy

For two weeks only, both of the incredible debut novels are on for only 0.99c. That’s a saving of $5 per book.

The Blood Curdling Colouring Book by Greg ChapmanBlood Curdling Colouring Book

If you would something different to do, how about colouring in? This is another of our fine releases for April. The Blood Curdling Colouring Book is only available in paperback and contains 24 illustrations by award winning illustrator Greg Chapman.

It already has a five star review on Amazon:

Format: Paperback

Break out the red and black and all the shades between!

This book has everything a discerning adult colorer would want in a coloring/colouring book. Blood. Guts. Scary images. Demons. Werewolves. Zombies. Clowns. Horror. Art by Australian Greg Chapman.

Now the horror-loving child inside your adult body can use its creative side and bring new-life to these grisly images using your crayons, colored pencils, ink pens, markers, or whatever other paper-staining artistic material your wild imagination can think of.

The Blood Curdling Colouring Book by Greg Chapman is a must for horror fans that have an itch to color. You can even rip out the pages and display them on your refrigerator (but buy two if you’re going to do that).

Disclaimer: Please do not hurt yourself or any other living creatures in order to get that just-right color you are looking for.


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