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Tsatimahe next person I would like to introduce you to is the talented Satima Flavell.


Not only is Satima an excellent author, she also belly-dances! A dance teacher, freelance writer, editor and reader – she is a very busy woman. Not too busy, though, to post links on her website with tips and tricks for writers. It is very informative and extensive.

While The Dagger of Dresnia is her first published novel, Satima has had poems, short stories, feature articles and reviews published both online and in print.

I asked Satima to tell us about the Dagger of Dresnia and here she is to tell us all about it.

Dagger cover front The Dagger of Dresnia is a medieval fantasy, set in an imaginary world where magic is accepted as a talent (albeit an unusual one) inherited by a few special individuals. Nevertheless, many folk are suspicious of magical ability and want nothing to do with it. Like any special skill, it can sometimes be used by unscrupulous practitioners to hurt, rather than help, their fellow humans.

Inherited magical skill is a sign of elvish blood, and ordinary mortals are fearful of elves, so Ellyria, an elvish princess who married Fairstad, the mortal king of the Northern Isles, has to hide her origins. She bore Fairstad identical triplet sons: even Ellyria herself does not know which one was the firstborn. So in his will, Fairstad decreed that the country should be split into three parts: Dresnia, Challiver and Syland. But each of the triplet kings would like to be king of all three countries.

Ellyria is tricked into a contract with a Dark Spirit, who promises that the triplet kings will cease their arguing and live in harmony – if Ellyria promises to pay the price demanded by the Spirit at a later date.

The price is heavy; heavier than Ellyria could have imagined. Can she foil the Dark Spirit’s plans? She has magical ability, yes, but is that enough to outwit such a deadly opponent? It will take a trilogy, covering four generations, to bring matters to a conclusion! Over the course of the trilogy, we shall meet many intriguing people, some likeable, some not. Unscrupulous courtiers, invading armies, and three lovely princesses are just a few of the characters who make up a potpourri of elvish, human and dwarvish conflict.

Good fantasy, I believe, uses other worlds to comment on our own. In The Dagger of Dresnia you will find love, anger, despair, ambition, warfare – all the things we have in our own world. Add magic to the mix and we are forced to consider the advantages and drawbacks of special abilities.

My themes include the many forms of love; the growth of intimacy; the singularising nature of an unusual talent; dealing with consequences; internal conflict; family conflict; problem teenagers and racial conflict. On further reflection, I could add another – the potentially healing power of family ties.

The second book, The Cloak of Challiver, is due for release within the next few months. Set forty years after The Dagger of Dresnia, it bring an entire new cast of characters for Ellyria – who, being elvish, is much, much longer lived than ordinary mortals – to deal with

If you like the sound of Dagger of Dresnia, then keep the 19th July in your diaries. We will be hosting a Goodreads giveaway that starts then for Dagger of Dresnia and you can be in the running to get yourself a copy.

To buy yourself or a friend a copy of Dagger of Dresnia – the link is HERE

The newly widowed Queen Ellyria just wants her sick triplet sons to live, each ruling over a third of the kingdom as their dying father decreed. When she finds herself trapped in a deadly bargain with a dark spirit, she recruits a band of young mages to help – but a terrible curse takes over.

The Dark Spirit befriends her enemies and seduces her friends, and Ellyria soon finds that, famine, betrayal, pestilence and bereavement are all in its arsenal. Can Ellyria unite the elvish and mortal sides of her family, and in so doing, save the kingdom?

If you would like to PREORDER book two in Satima’s series – the link is HERE

Don’t believe me that it is a brilliant book? Trust Glenda Larke and Juliet Marillier.

‘Crisp, stylish prose, a nicely realised medieval world and an undercurrent of dark magic make The Dagger of Dresnia a good read for lovers of epic fantasy. It’s refreshing to see an older female character on centre stage!’

– Juliet Marillier

Author of the Sevenwaters series

‘A classic story for lovers of traditional fantasy. Readers who love the gradual unfolding of a story and the development of relationships as much as action scenes will enjoy this one.’

– Glenda Larke

Author of the Mirage Makers Trilogy

Satima loves to attend SF conventions and is a familiar face on panels that focus on editing, religion, history and the craft of writing. You can also find her on Facebook and other various forms of social media.

I do highly suggest having a look at Satima’s blog though, such a wealth of information there.

Signing off – Tarran Jones



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