Book Review: Iain M. Banks by Paul Kincaid

Reading about the life of a person can go two ways; it can be dry and dusty or full of wit Iain M. Banks by Paul Kincaidand wisdom. Iain M. Banks by Paul Kincaid falls into the latter with a style that represents Mr. Banks very well, I think.

Mr Kincaid’s biography of this science fiction/fiction master is light, but yet meaningful. It is comprehensive, detailed and enjoyable. Iain Banks’ novels resonated through the world as each book was published. Iain M. Banks walked the line between fiction and science fiction. This novel seems to walk the line between biography and fiction in a similar fashion. Honest, brutal, yet showing a love for the worlds created and words written by Mr Banks.

In this work, Mr Kincaid offers us an insight into the man that was always destined to be a writer. This is a broad and engaging novel that will broaden your understanding of a man that something defied understanding.

5 out of 5 stars.

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