Brad Walseth

Brad Walseth is an American novelist, screenwriter, musician and photographer currently living near Chicago. Born and raised in the mountainous region of Western Montana, Brad worked in a lumber mill, played in rock bands and hitchhiked around the Western U.S.before graduating from the University of Montana.

Brad worked for several years in radio and television before relocating to Chicago, where he attended Northwestern University and worked as a stockbroker, a postal clerk and as a corporate communications writer. During these years, Brad’s short stories and reviews began appearing in publications nationwide, while his several years of rock journalism on the groundbreaking music website led to his starting, where he juggled responsibilities as publisher, editor-in-chief, photographer, primary writer and interviewer.

Brad was co-host and producer of the popular radio show, “Jazz, Chicago Style,” while also working as an award-winning magazine writer/editor for Vance Publishing. One of Brad’s screenplays, a “mockumentary” about a garage band who burn down their garage and have to become a carport band (“Hug the Shrugs”), was made into a independent film in 2004.