Steven Gilshenen

Born in Western Sydney (1976), Steve began learning Martial Arts much like other Aussie kids. It was not until he was 18 years old that he came to see what he had been learning was more “punch-kick-block” and had missed the essence of Martial Arts entirely and dedicated his life to the study of He-Style Taijiquan. Relocating to Japan a decade ago, Steve began teaching He-Style Taijiquan and is now a member of the Wenxian He-Style Taijiquan Society.
For the last 20 years Steve sought out Wuxia (Kung Fu Fiction) in the English language but could find little to satisfy the thirst so began creating his own story of a Shaolin Warrior Monk and a Wudang Taoist Warrior. The Tigers of Wulin Series is the culmination of old legends, talks with Shifu (teachers) and research into the Martial Arts in hopes of not only sharing Wuxia with the English speaking world but also to convey the lessons within these legends.
Currently, by request of the current Head of He Family Taijiquan in China, Steve is also writing the first English language book on this style of Tai Chi covering all aspects (History, Theory, Form and Applications) that will be released by Satalyte Publishing in the near future.

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