Tayla Kershaw

My inspiration has always came from living on a farm and the scenery at offers and also living so close to coastal areas. Naturally, I wanted to be a fantasy writer.

I grew up with a close supportive family, mainly from my best mate and partner in crime, my little brother Jake.

My love for creative writing started in school and was always endorsed by those who taught me. I went to school at Wonthaggi North Primary School and went on to Wonthaggi Secondary College.

During that time I wrote several short stories, none of which I was particularly ready to share.

I began writing Alliance when I was 17 and finished it a few months after turning 18. This is the first book I’ve wanted to share and now it won’t be the last. The finished product is thanks to my close friends who made sure I stopped dragging my feet and insisted this story would not end up as another file taking space on my laptop.

I completed VCE AT Wonthaggi Secondary College in 2012, excelling in literature, and went on to have quite a full on 2013.

During the course of this year I have waitressed in a Chinese Restaurant, became a check out chick at Inverloch Foodworks, voluntarily assisted teaching literature to year 11 students at Wonthaggi Secondary College, became a journalist for the Great Southern Star newspaper in Leongatha and joined Satalyte Publishing.

I also spent the year studying at Monash Gippsland for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

In my much sought after spare time I played netball for Inverloch Kongwak Football/Netball Club and devoted nights to reading and rereading the works of J.K Rowling, as most teenagers tend to do.