Book services

Satalyte Publishing has become respected and trusted in Australia for our quality publications.  These benefits are necessary to sell books.  We are offering our services to authors who do not want to go with a publishing house, or authors that want a professional eye to look over their works before submitting.

Do not have your book seen as badly edited or badly designed. Come to people that know how to produce a quality novel that will get you seen the right way. Come to people who know how to get your words into a professionally produced paperback and ebooks with a complete development lifecycle of your novel, ready for readers – from people in the industry.

Why waste your time trying to learn how to do everything you need to, when you could be selling your novel, or even writing the next one. Do you want that headache?

We can build packages specific to the author with any or all of the following services:

Writing and editing services
* Plot evaluation for your story
* Copy editing
* Proof reading
* Author interviews
* Printing services
* Distribution chain services
* Marketing materials
* Ebook building
* Typesetting & layout
* Library Cataloguing
* Amazon/Smashwords Cataloguing
* Author branding
* social media campaign ­­­development

Design services
* Book covers
* Promotional posters and banners
* Author websites with full social media exposure
(eg. Jack Dann  Janeen Webb)
* Specialised website headers and logos
* Photo retouching
* Photography

* have a shop built into your website

Contact us for a quote by email: Or secure your own domain name here:

Some testimonials 

“I had the pleasure of working with Stephen Ormsby on my recent edits and I can recommend  his editing services without hesitation. The turn around time was amazing and value for service–outstanding! Thank you, Stephen.”
~ Karly Lane, Author of Australian rural fiction

         Family secrets, lies, love and laughter.
   Grab a cuppa, curl up and lose yourself in stories as vast and unique as the land we live in.
Also writing as Karlene Blakemore-Mowle.

“Satalyte staff stayed in constant touch while building the site for me and any requests for changes or loading of material was implemented within minutes of the request being received by them which made the tweaking very easy once the site went live. I found them easy to communicate and work with.”
~ Sandra Wigzell, of Book Expo Australia


“I contacted Satalyte Publishing to assist me with formatting my book for publishing, and Stephen, chief editor, offered to edit my novel as well. Stephen’s feedback was specific, extensive and thorough and his expertise in editing was evident in the changes he suggested.

I judge an editor by how much I learn from them and Stephen taught me much. The main area that stood out for me was the flow of sentences. Stephen is excellent in restructuring sentences to create maximum impact. He also has a keen eye for repetitive phrases and words.

As a writer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the changes an editor makes to your work. Stephen’s comments remained patient throughout the entire manuscript, and he added positive feedback on areas he particularly liked.

He returned the manuscript to me well before the deadline, reformatted my work after I had reviewed the changes and most importantly, he was always available (and patient) when I had follow up questions.

I can’t recommend him enough!!!” ~ A. Finlay, author of Shadows of Light and Binding Darkness 

“My experience with Satalyte Publishing has been a blessing really. My old Publisher never asked my opinion on the small things like what color I wanted the pages of my book to be, but Satalyte did and even went so far as to detail all the different color options there were.
Satalyte has been prompt and to the point. I didn’t find myself having to constantly remind them that I had found a problem in the formatting or anything, even the images I used for my scene breakers were fixed by them with no problem. I’m told I can be quite frustrating to work with, but I never felt myself lose patience with Satalyte. Any help I needed to get my book ready was taken care of as though my book were the main priority.
There had apparently been some sort of issue with my cover that my old publisher never caught, but Satalyte caught it and as I hold my proof copy in my hands, I see how much better it looks compared to the proof for the old publisher. I truly am impressed with Satalyte and without a doubt call it my home and will recommend them to anyone who needs a fast, reliable, courteous, and above all professional publishing house.”
S. Cu’Anam Policar, author of Rise of Xosha