How do I download my epub to my iPad?
  • Installing e-Pub books on iPad or iPhones:
  1. The iBooks application must be installed on your iPad or iPhone before you can read the ePub book. So go to the AppStore first and download this free application before procceding with the book file installation. 
  2. Next, connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer and start the iTunes application.
  3. Locate the ePub book file that you downloaded from our website and drag it to the Library section in the upper left of the iTunes screen. This installs the book in the iTunes library.
  4. Now synchronize iTunes with your device to transfer the book.
  5. Next time you open the iBooks application you will see your new title in the library.
When are you going to be open again for submissions?
  • At the moment we have had so many submissions of manuscripts we are working our way through them to see which is suitable for publication. When we have a smaller pile, we will re-open, so keep checking back.
Do you charge for me to publish my book through you?
  • No.
    We are not a ‘Vanity Press’. We use a submission process to choose which books will be accepted for publication. If your book is right for Satalyte Publishing, we will schedule it to be published as per traditional publishing houses.

How does your service improve on self-publishing through Amazon for example?

  • We use a quality Australian and International printing house, which places our authors into a huge distribution network used by even the biggest publishing houses.
  • We will also be producing quality books of a number of authors, and this will be used to advertise our authors – not just one author.
  • We intend to make a name for the press which will have people confident in every book produced by us.
  • As with traditional publishing houses, Satalyte Publishing will be taking the editing and design roles, which will be inclusive within the contract.
 Do you publish ebooks?
  • Yes. We publish ebooks and print books.